Sitges gay weekend

Sitges gay weekend

Sitges gay weekend is a suggestion everybody will appreciate! Because Sitges is worth it, even if it is just a short getaway!

You first need to know Sitges is conveniently close to the Barcelona Airport. So the transportation is avoiding the usual traffic jams of Barcelona.

This means you’ll be in Sitges in about 15 minutes. Doesn’t it sound tempting?

Then you’ll sure evaluate some other benefits.

Why Sitges gay weekend

There are many more reasons to spend a nice weekend in Sitges. Besides enjoying a quite busy nightlife, from Spring to Fall.

  • Nightlife and socialising
  • Wonderful beaches
  • Nudism
  • Gay community
  • Quality shopping
  • Nice accommodations
  • Wine tourism
  • Gastronomy
  • Peace and silence
  • Museums and culture life

Most of the hotels are upgrading their quality in many aspects. Since Sitges is one of the most expensive real estate locations in Spain. With this we mean that the somewhat ancient hotels are doing much better from service to decoration.

The reason for this quality increment is because Sitges is attracting a new and wealthy clientele. In our opinion good taste and exclusive ambiance is what a premium destination should offer for all visitors.

Short getaway for gay men

Barcelona is the geographical center of many two hours flights. Cities as London, Rome, Lisboa and Berlin are inside this area. Also Copenhagen, Dublin, Edinburgh, Warsaw, Marseille, Verona, Munic, Düsseldorf, Köln and Prague are in this circle.

As some of our clients tell us, they arrive faster in SItges than using a car to some of their local getaways.

An additional advantage is the fact that Sitges is also one of the main gay destinations on the Mediterranean!

Fortunately, Sitges is also busy during the coldest months in the year. Of course less busy than in Summer. Though its own locals still give the small village some colourful street life!

Weekend massage

Sometimes massage deserves the last thought when planning a weekend.

The good news is that in Sitges you can count on the most reliable masseurs. Fortunately we are available the whole year. So not just in Summer, because we are also serving the local clientele.

If you need some additional information please feel free to contact us. We will provide you with the updated catalog of masseurs.

Of course you’ll be able to choose among many different profiles! Since age, body and talent do matter for most of our future friends!

Contact us to request the available masseurs catalogue!

Gay Spring in Sitges

Gay Spring Sitges

Gay Spring in Sitges starts soon!

Though the situation looks a bit different than last year. Please contact us to find out what the options are currently.

By Spring, Sitges will be on fire again! Not just the Easter holidays, but also the excellent weather is attracting thousands of gay men to spend some very nice days here!

After the sad and grey Winter, finally the streets of Sitges regain their famous liveliness. Well, and all the beaches!

So cheer up!

Gay Spring in Sitges

With every year Sitges gets more and more activities. gastronomy, religious events, also congresses and gay meetings.

Sitges has lots to offer, though not only for the gay community but for everybody!

Because in Sitges you will experience the perfect harmony of the locals with all sorts of visitors.

If you need a detailed calendar of events please check Ajuntament de Sitges.

Gay massage in Sitges

Of course you will be able to find many different things to do in this wonderful fishermen village.

Also the best massages! This is Paco and his team!

We travel to any hotel and to any private apartment in Sitges.

Contact | Gay massage in Sitges

Since we don’t have a place, we can offer you all the advantages of out-call massage for gay men.

For those who prefer to visit a massage studio, we suggest our own studio in the very city center of Barcelona.

More and more men are taking one day off from Sitges to visit Barcelona. Catalonia’s capital city has even more to offer in many aspects. So it’s always a nice idea to spend one day in Barcelona!

Gay services

Massage is a very demanded service in Sitges. Because gay men just love massage!

We are the most popular team in Sitges, since gay men are used to hire the best quality services.

Just call or text us to inquire about all the options we can offer you.

We will also show you all the male masseurs working in our team. So you can choose according to your personal preferences!

Don’t be shy and call!

Contact | Gay massage in Sitges

Gay Sitges in Winter

Gay Sitges in Winter

Gay Sitges in Winter is somewhat slow. So for some guys —including myself— a bit depressive.

Why so?

Winter is a hard time in Sitges. Because temperature drops, so the number of tourists also drops to practically zero. This is why many shops and restaurants are permanently closed during this season.

The only visitors are people from the surrounding territory and Barcelona who make a short day trip to have lunch and have a romantic walk by the sea promenade.

Gay Sitges in Winter

As you already know, Sitges is a very gay destination. Among other iconic places as Mykonos, Amsterdam and Barcelona.

But the high seasons are Spring and Summer.

So when the fall starts, shops and restaurants are also slowing down their liveliness.

No matter how the temperatures look like though. This year we had a fairly warm October, but the streets were quiet.

The beaches during Winter

The only thing that is much harder to do after the Summer ends is everything related with the beach.

While Scandinavian men don’t mind the cold temperatures, other citizens like Italians and French tourists just have a little sun bath. Maybe a bit of trying the water temperature just with one foot. But the water is clearly too cold!

Gay Sitges in Winter
Gay Sitges in Winter
Contact | Gay massage in Sitges

What to do in Sitges in Winter

Gay couples like a lot strolling around. Consequently in Winter you will see many partners walking slowly around the beach promenade. Holding hands and also kissing every once in a while.

Shopping around is also an option to spend the shorter and shorter evenings.

Though Sitges holds some Museums, they are not as popular as the ones in Barcelona. One excellent example is the Cau Ferrat, home and atelier to the modernist Catalan painter Santiago Rusiñol ( 1861-1931).

Paying a visit to this unique place is a must because it is highly interesting. I am not spoiling it now!

Culture aware gay tourists also use their time to visit the vineyards in the Penedès and Anoia areas. These are one day excursions that always proof to be very interesting and rewarding.

Since Gastronomy is a relevant aspect of the local culture. Some tourist packages include a really excellent meal close to the vineyards. I honestly encourage you to try them!

Grey Winter mood for intimacy

Many tourists visiting Sitges talk to me after the gay massage. This is when they tell me that loneliness feels melancholic here.

“Every time your see a couple holding hands you know you also need some love”.

Contact | Gay massage in Sitges

That’s when most of the times they start to search the internet. Incidentally they find this website and give me a call.

“I wanted to know what kind of massages you can offer me”.

Massage bodywork has many beneficial effects. Not just on your body, but also on emotional dimension.

After all, we are not just bodies that need to be fed. We are also souls who have feelings and cravings. And the need to share and enjoy time together is a need to re-gain balance.

Sitges in Winter: gay massage

So if you feel that calling some of our team members will give you like a sunshine in your life, just give us a call!

Our gay massage is not only the best in quality, also in service and reliability.

Besides, we can visit you right in your hotel. This is very convenient!

Otherwise, please feel free to visit us in our studio in Barcelona!

Contact | Gay massage in Sitges

See you soon in Sitges!

Sitges international events

Sitges international events

Sitges international events are more and more abundant year after year.

Despite being such a small village, Sitges is a very fortunate spot in the world. Because it holds many internationally very well know events.

So all Sitges international events are able bring together many different communities from around the world.

The Gay Bear Week obviously brings a huge community of gay bears and admirers. Consequently Sitges transforms into a parade where the sexiest and hardest gay men from around the world full the streets and terraces with their laughter.

The interesting fact is that not only gay community is involved though. This should be a prove that Sitges has a very broad view and much to offer!

During October the Fantastic Film Festival attracts a very eclectic community of movie fans besides the professional cinema world.

These are just a few Sitges international events though!

Spring and flowers

Easter means also a colourful and cheerful time in Sitges. Thats’ when the Season starts, so the streets come back to life!

Depending on the Catholic calendar the Corpus festivities eventually take place in May or in June. That’s precisely when the streets transform into carpets of flowers. The streets are literally covered with thousands of flowers. #corpussitges19

Summer and bears

Late summer, after all the tourism, has the special week for bears!

Before getting more into detail, let’s have an overview over the whole year.

Sitges yearly calendar

February 20 to 26, 2020

International Vintage Car Rally Sitges
March 21 to 23, 2020.

Scrap+ Exposition
March 20 to 22, 2020.

Easter Week
April 10 to 13, 2020.

  • Easter Weekend 10 April 2020 – 13 April 2020.
  • Good Friday ( 10 April)
  • Easter Saturday (11 April)
  • Sunday Easter Sunday (12 April)
  • Easter Monday (13 April)

International Museums’ Day
May 18, 2020.

Corpus Christi
June 14, 2020.

Sitges Gay Pride
June 3 to 7, 2020.

Festivity of the Sea (Mare de Deu del Carme)
July 16, 2020.

Festa Major
Main events August 23 and 24, 2020. 

International Bears Sitges Week
  September 1 to 11, 2020.

Santa Tecla
Main events September 22 and 23, 2020.

Sitges Carnival

The rivalry with the neighbour village, Villanova i la Geltrú, is a classic one! Both villages dispute who is organising the most original street festival, and who is able to attract more people. Of course Sitges tends to attract the gay community.

On a practical tone, it is always important to plan ahead because also parking your car can be extremely difficult, so you could end very far from the city center.


Saturday is the best night to party, while the next Tuesday is the best to see all the parades.

Don’t miss the “xatonades”, the local salad using a very special sauce! They are also typical during these dates.

The origins of Corpus Christi in Sitges

Apparently, there was not a consistent tradition redore the 20th century. But it all started when, back in 1887, Arcadi Mas a painter from Barcelona painted “La Processó del Corpus a Sitges”, showing Sitges’ streets totally covered with flowers and petals.

The tradition consolidated as a yearly event after Mariano Carbonell and Antoni Clarà exposed their collections on the promenade Passeig de la Ribera in 1918.

After the Civil War, in 1952, Foment del Turisme de Sitges re-started organising the yearly competition. Namely the designed carpets of flowers covering the most central streets in the village.

Nowadays this celebration is a National Party of Touristic Interest. It is therefore visited by a uge number of people.

Sitges Gay Pride

The event is already planned! It is starting Wednesday June 3rd to Sunday June 7th 2020. The main parade will take place on the 7th of June at 5 pm. Some new events will be incidentally added to the classic pool party, boat party and beach party!

Sitges International events Bears Week

The Sitges Bears Week has grown quite quickly in a short period of time. It started in 2001 with a group of bears wanting to have a party. And it finally grew to an international event that crowds the town of Sitges!

Usually the week takes place during the first half of September. Several parties and events are held in different locations across the entire village. There is also a dedicated bears village by the beach with shows, dj’s and more.

To end the week there’s also a competition to choose Mr Bear Sitges. This event is held on the closing weekend of the event. The competition gathers guys of all ages and types. You can’t miss it!

Post under construction!

I will soon be posting more detailed information. Also new events as soon as they are officially scheduled.

Promoting Sitges international events

On a final note to Sitges event planners. Please contact me if you wish to include and promote your event on this website:

Whole year over: the best massage!

Of course feel free to ask information also about massage, which is what we do!

Finally, please contact us and we will send you an updated catalog of available masseurs.

Sitges gay bears

Sitges gay bears: Paco and Jack

Sitges gay bears is a very requested search term these days! Because Sitges is hosting the annual event where all sorts of bears and admirers are gathering in this wonderful fishermen village!

We don’t need to brag about Sitges here though! Most of the visitors know what this coast city near to Barcelona is all about. So cozy, welcoming, cute and small!

We also don’t need to know what a gay bear is. We all know by now.

Our gay massage team is much bigger than bears though. If you prefer other physical profiles please contact us and ask for the full catalog of our massage team!

Sitges gay massage

Though our massage style is a very interesting one!

We can’t go deep into details here because we already described our different services on our other website. And we don’t want to be redundant!

Bear masseurs

If you like bears, why don’t you have a bear to give you the massage you need? This way you will accomplish most of your wishes in just one session!

Same as straight men prefer female masseuses, gay men have a say when it comes to body preferences. Not just body though, also other features only bears tav —at least, Jack and Paco!

  • Tall (more then 6 feet)
  • Strong (see the picture)
  • Hairy
  • Tattooed (only Jack)
  • Bearded
  • Masculine
  • Self confident
  • Professional masseurs

We are sure that not just ant random guy can do the bodywork you desire. Since it’s your choice, we guess you need as much information as possible! So you can take the right decision!

Find the best Sitges gay bears

Now you know we are here, let’s talk about appointments!

We want to stress the fact that last minute requests are not always a good idea. Think there’s always somebody who called a few minutes before!

Jack and Paco are always very requested, not just during bear gatherings. Also the rest of the year!

We do have our own gay massage studio, though it is placed in the city center of Barcelona. This is why in Sitges we can only offer out-call massage to hotels or apartments.

Of course you’ll be able to have all the privacy you need.

So please contact us to request detailed information!

You can also use the phone to talk to us directly!

Gay Summer in Sitges

Gay Summer in Sitges

Gay Summer in Sitges is always very special! No matter what year in the past, present of in the futre, Sitges is a guarantee of fun, nice weather and good vibes.

Besides, the gay community in Sitges is a very solid one. This shows because many gay men live in Sitges over the full year, bearing with the somewhat sad Winter months.

But we’re talking about Summer here!

Sunny Sitges!

After Easter Sitges starts to wake up. So May, June, July and August get more and more lively, more and more crowded and fun!

An explosion of street terraces happens all of sudden, and they get full with sitting men who’ll watch you walk along. You and the rest of attractive men that usually gather in Sitges!

Gay Sitges beaches

Each and every beach has a name in Sitges. And some of them are somewhat theme-beaches. For example, there are three main nudist beaches.

  • Platja dels Balmins
  • Cala del Mort
  • Cala Morisca

Platja dels Balmins is relatively close to Platja Sant Sebastià, so quite central. Please be aware it is not an exclusively gay beach though!

La Cala del Mort means leaving Sitges promenade and a not too effortless walk starting from Hotel Terramar. A sand path among some rocks and cliffs will take you to a hidden beach. No sand but stones.

Lastly, Cala Morisca needs a car trip of about 15 minutes North. You will need to use the winding coast-road to Garraf (not the paying highway). Cala Morisca charges a parking fee but is always clean, with also a small bar and terrace.

Sitges sunset

Any out-doors location in Sitges has a great sunset view. Along the promenade, from Cau Ferrat or Platja Sant Sebastià, the sunset is almost always magic and so peaceful.

The bars start to light up and the smell of tasty dinners invades the breeze.

While the sun does not set on the sea, it rises on the sea, towards East. So mornings can also be very romantic!

Gay Sitges nights

Probably the same daytime and beach people shift into night mode. Certain streets get very busy during and after dinner.

That’s when drinks, music and the cat-walk alike show-off are starting. To watch and to be seen! The bars set in a way so that everyone can circulate to check all the guys.

Gay nightlife in SItges concentrates in a couple streets where all the bars gather. So the streets feel always busy. Usually gay men are very nice, some even dare to talk to you. The scene is very casual here and you’ll probably feel very welcome!

Summer festivities

There are many festivities, festivals, cultural events, besides the Festival de Cinema Fantastic de Sitges that recently celebrates its 50 anniversary.

A very popular festival is the August 25 fireworks, the closing party to the main festivity.

You’ll find the full program on

Sitges gay massage

The world of human relationships, seduction and love affairs is some great mystery. Sometimes it works, sometimes the magic’s lacking. Don’t look for a reason though, it’s just like that.

“One of the main reasons to visit Sitges was to find love. I still believe in love and partnership. Anyway, I got to discover an amazing dimension to massage”.

Many of my customers tell me they feel very attracted to men that don’t seem to even notice them.

A very safe way to have the bliss you deserve is enjoying a massage!

Gay Summer in SItges is a fantastic experience in many ways. Also when you feel the need of having a massage!

Please contact us tor request the pictures of all available masseurs.

It’s time to indulge into a wonderful gay massage!

Any questions? Any suggestions? Please feel free to contact!

Easter in Sitges

Easter in Sitges is a big highlight among this little village’s traditions!

Together with some other religious events, Easter starts gathering the first huge crowds of the season.

Sitges’ colourful celebration of Easter is an amazing chance to introduce you to this picturesque gay village.

Easter in Sitges

I won’t write a spoiler here, because living it up by yourself is part of the amazement. Let’s just say that the whole village fully engages in processions and decorating this tiny and cute village.

Usually this week enjoys some really nice weather. Sunny blue skies, a wonderful turkish green sea, and a soft breeze, especially during the afternoon.

It’s super nice to have a walk around the Church, a true icon of Sitges. The white houses with red flowers hanging down the windows build a romantic atmosphere. No traffic, no cars inside the old streets. You can also visit Cau Ferrat, Rossinyol’s home, painting studio and now an interesting museum. Its location, its interior, and the view from each of its windows… everything is amazing here!

Not to mention the wonderful time you can have just sitting in on of those terraces having a drink. And watching people and life go by.

Gay Easter in Sitges

Especially the “Sin street” is packed with terraces filled with gay men having a drink while watching the crowd. See and be seen, both as a ritual for meeting new friends.

It’s the “Carrer del Primer de Maig”.

Many gay men from Barcelona are visiting Sitges these days. Because Sitges is just a 45 minute ride from Barcelona. So gay men from Barcelona and other cities around take the day off to enjoy a nice lunch, a walk during the evening, and maybe some ice-cream before getting back home.

Gay nightlife is also very special in Sitges. Despite Easter, all the places are open until very late.

More about gay massage in Sitges.

Other suggestions

Many gay men call me to ask for ideas. Of course I can’t suggest business places because that means not helping all the others.

What I am indeed allowed to do is suggest you have an amazing massage! With me or with any of the professional masseurs working with me. I mean Leo, Yamal, Tom, Jack and Matt.

Please feel free to contact me and request their pictures. Also the different massage options we are proud to offer you.

This way you’ll have the perfect holidays in this amazing place!

Contact | Gay massage in Sitges

Gay massage in Sitges

Gay massage in Sitges

Gay massage in Sitges is a more and more requested service.

Well, I guess everyone knows what gay massage means. We’ll come back to massage later on though!

So let’s introduce you first to Sitges.

A brief introduction to Sitges

As you know, Sitges is a famous destination for gay men around the world. More or less as Mykonos in Greece, this Catalan fishermen village identifies with gay torusim during the last decades.

The touristic boom started in the Spanish coast in the 1960s.

The true reason why gay men from all Europe preferred Sitges and not Cadaqués is a mystery to me though. Maybe because Sitges is just some 30 kilometres from Barcelona Airport.

Sitges is this cute village with narrow streets, white houses and flowers hanging from the balconies.

Besides all these, Sitges’ story intertwines with Modernist artists. And also with former Sitges citizens coming back very rich from Cuba after its independence from Spain. All the amazingly beautiful houses on the long beach on the way to Hotel Terramar are a phenomenon thanks to these families who made a fortune in Cuba.

This is why a very prominent street is named after this island: Carrer Illa de Cuba.

Gay massage in Sitges Cuba
Gay massage in Sitges Cuba

Fantastic Sitges

And you can still visit Rossinyol’s Cau Ferrat on one of the nicest locations on the cliff. Close to the iconic church.

The church is also iconic because it has been used for 50 years now for the Cinema Festival “Festival de Cinema Fantàstic de Sitges“.

This Festival is also a big event happening every end of the Summer. So around mid September.

Contact | Gay massage in Sitges

Premium tourism in Spain

Sitges is one of the most expensive areas to invest on real estate in Spain. The main reason is the high level or premium tourism the city is attracting.

Premium restaurants, premium Golf sites, premium services.

So not only the location, but also the curated and high end services make sense for people looking for some quality.

Gay life in Sitges

Fortunately I spent my early teen-ager years in Sitges. As I discovered sexuality I was also witnessing how normal gay life felt in Sitges. As opposed too Barcelona, back then.

Because Sitges was like an oasis where all gay men could feel home and at ease. So I got very familiar with bears, leather men and all sorts of men.

This has never changed but only increased and improved.

Sitges style

And all the stylish background from the pre-tourism Sitges has become a nice foundation for the gay style. Both Modernist style and gay styles have melt seamlessly well in Sitges.

Though Sitges has its own style in all aspects. Because here you’ll find interesting shops, restaurants, also bars and clubs you’ll never find anywhere else.

Of course the positive and joyful mood of all gay men visiting has a relevant part in this gay atmosphere. No pun intended!

Gay massage in Sitges

When it comes to gay massage in Sitges I sense the same good vibes! All our customers here and in a very relaxed mood. They look optimistic, smiling and looking forward to enjoy a very nice experience.

If you need to know more about our massage options, our gay masseurs and of course about or pricing, please contact us!