Sitges gay massage

Sitges gay massage is a more and more requested service. Especially during the Summer season!


First off, did you know we are Serving Sitges since 2011?

Over the years we have seen an increasing demand of our services. Regarding the masseurs physical attributes, we also see that customers are requesting more and more different and specific profiles.

Back in 2011, our team started with one masseur, namely Paco. Ten years later we are now a group of 4-9 professional gay masseurs —depending on availability.

And growing! Because many masseurs call us applying to join our team!

Since we value our customers opinions, we listen to them. And we act accordingly!

Here you can read some of our testimonials.

Please contact us by phone to request the updated page with all the male masseurs available!

Sitges gay massage

On this picture you can see Paco,, though there are a lot more professional masseurs for you to choose.

We currently have many more masseurs available to serve you, as Leo, Jorge, Benito, Manel and Yamal. Eventually black masseurs as Paulo and Juan Carlos.

Please contact us requesting the available masseurs, photos and profiles. It is relevant you mention the day and time you intend to enjoy your massage.

We are surprised to get comment from our clientes like this one:

Wow! You are the real guys on the pictures!

This means that other services are probably displaying stolen images. To us honesty and trust are the corner stones for the perfect service!

The beginnings in Sitges

Our core team of two guys started in 2011.

Our story is a fun one, though.  Because Paco started performing massages in Sitges by coincidence. Since one of our customers insisted on Paco serving him at his hotel in Sitges. Back then Paco was only serving Barcelona city.

So it felt like a thrilling adventure.

Paco took the train and served the requested massage on time!

This man was so grateful he started to call back again and again.

He probably gave word of mouth to his best friends, so we started serving some more local guys who seemed to already know about our services.

Sitges gay massage: the second year

In 2012 an advertising company from Sitges contacted us. We found it interesting, so we placed an ad in their magazine.

The amount of phone calls exploded during that Summer, so we launched our own website, specifically written for Sitges.

We kept having calls even during the Winter season. So we got very familiar with the local clients and also the best hotels in Sitges.

Since then we are also serving many private apartments.

Local customers

It is difficult to know if it was thanks to that ad or by word of mouth. But we also got popular among many local Sitges inhabitants.

Our local clientele has been growing since then. Also in the surrounding areas like Sant Pere de Ribes, Villanova i la Geltrú, Garraf and Castelldefels.

To us this is also a proof of the fair balance of quality and price.

Locals are always the proof you are on the right  track!

Besides, we have been earning amazing reviews!

There are some quality features that indeed set us apart from the regular massages.

Gay massage for tourists

Little by little a few other gay masseurs moved to Sitges. I guess demand grew for everyone, and that’s excellent!

Anyway, most of those masseurs are only in Sitges during the Summer season. Once the tourist season is over they move back to their home cities.

While we stay busy the rest of the year. Because our service is consistent through the whole year.

Besides being a 247 massage service! So you could say we are a 247/365.

Even though it feels a crime for many Catholic locals, we also work on December 25th. Though not on January 1st! As you’ll understand, we also like to party ourselves!

Highest massage quality

Tourists from all origins are very demanding, and we know them all. Because high class gay customers are using similar services around the world. So they are used to the highest standards of service quality.

So they expect all these assets:

  • Quality
  • Professional massage
  • Reliability
  • Punctuality
  • Flexibility
  • Hygiene
  • Discretion
  • Safety

Personal preferences are also relevant to most of our customers in Sitges! I guess this is why we are so successful.

Because we can offer you an amazing variety of professional profiles.

Please contact us and request our pictures and the full menu of massage options.

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