Gay Summer in Sitges is the opportunity to discover new dimensions in sensuality

Gay Summer in Sitges

Gay Summer in Sitges is always so special! No matter what year in the past, present or in the futre, Sitges is a guarantee of fun, nice weather and good vibes.

Besides, the gay community in Sitges is a very solid one. This shows because many gay men live in Sitges permanently, even bearing with the somewhat sad Winter months.

But we’re talking about sunshine here!

Sunny Sitges!

After Easter Sitges starts to wake up. So May, June, July and August get more and more lively, more and more crowded and more and more fun!

An explosion of street terraces happens all of sudden, and they get full with sitting men who’ll watch you walk along. You and all of the attractive men that usually gather in Sitges!

Gay Sitges beaches

Each and every beach has a name in Sitges. And some of them are somewhat theme-beaches. For example, there are three main nudist beaches.

  • Platja dels Balmins
  • Cala del Mort
  • Cala Morisca

Platja dels Balmins is relatively close to Platja Sant Sebastià, so quite central. Please be aware it is not an exclusively gay beach!

La Cala del Mort means leaving Sitges promenade and a not too effortless walk starting from Hotel Terramar. A sand path among some rocks and cliffs will take you to a hidden beach. No sand but stones, so the water is never muddy but always transparent like crystal.

Lastly, Cala Morisca needs a car trip of about 15 minutes North. You will need to use the beautiful winding coast-road to Garraf (not the paying highway). Cala Morisca charges a parking fee but is always clean, with also a small bar and terrace. Sometimes there is a “chiringuito” right on de beach, wth a few tables and chairs to have a nice drink and snack.

Sitges sunset

Almost any out-doors location in Sitges has a great sunset view. Along the promenade, from Cau Ferrat or Platja Sant Sebastià, the sunset is always magic and so peaceful.

That’s the time the bars light up and the smell of tasty dinners invades the breeze.

While the sun does not set on the sea, it rises on the sea, towards East. So early mornings can also be very romantic!

Gay Sitges nights

Probably the same daytime and beach people shift into night mode. Certain streets get very busy during and after dinner.

That’s when drinks, music and the cat-walk alike show-off are starting. To watch and to be seen! The bars set in a way so that everyone can circulate to check all the guys.

Gay nightlife in SItges concentrates in a couple streets where all the bars gather. So the streets feel always busy. Usually gay men are very nice, some even dare to talk to you. The scene is very casual here and you’ll probably feel very welcome!

Summer festivities

There are many festivities, festivals, cultural events, besides the Festival de Cinema Fantastic de Sitges that recently celebrates its 50 anniversary.

A very popular festival is the August 25 fireworks, the closing party to the main festivity.

You’ll find the full program on Fiesta Mayor en Sitges.

Sitges gay massage

The world of human relationships, seduction and love affairs is some great mystery. Sometimes it works, sometimes the magic’s lacking. Don’t look for a reason though, it’s just like that.

“One of the main reasons to visit Sitges was to find love. I still believe in love and partnership. Anyway, since that didn’t work, I got to discover an amazing dimension to massage”.

Many of my customers tell me they feel very attracted precisely to a sort of men who don’t seem to even notice them.

A very safe way to have the bliss you deserve is enjoying our massage!

Gay Summer in SItges is a fantastic experience in many ways. Also when you feel the need of having a massage!

Please contact us tor request the pictures of all available masseurs.

It’s finally time to indulge into a wonderful gay massage!

Any questions? Any suggestions? Please feel free to contact!

Sitges Cinema Festival: from terror to the best massage for gay men!

Sitges Cinema Festival

Sitges Cinema Festival is not quite the full name, but:

Sitges International Fantastic Cinema Festival of Catalonia. This year the event is planned from October 8th to 18th. So 10 days packed with amazing movies!

Sitges Cinema Festival

This year the Festival reaches its 53-th birthday!

Honestly, I have always felt this festival as an extremely relevant event in my life since I was a small kid.

First, during September, Sitges always received the amazing Bear Week. I still have many fond memories about all these times along the years.

A few weeks later suddenly Sitges was packed again with a huge new crowd. Really motley and different from all the bears, but equally interesting!

That was the Festival de Cinema Fantàstic de Sitges, as its Catalan name used to be.If you want to know much more in detail, please feel free to check 53 Festival Internacional De Cinema Fantàstic de Catalunya.

Before Sitges Cinema Festival

I am absolutely aware that each visitor has his own agenda during these days. Sometimes though a bunch of visitors call me to ask what are the most interesting spots to visit during the hours with no movies.

Of course I have my own and personal selection of places!

And there are many other styles of interesting activities in Sitges and the surrounding area!

Just contact me and let me know what your interests are!

After the movies

Every night after the last movie, it’s the right time to unwind from the fantasies, the terror or the awkward scene you might have seen.

Many men think it’s the best momento to indulge into a really nice massage.

That’s also a moment I can be very useful to suggest a nice therapy or the best masseurs in Sitges following your preferences!

Though let me warn you about one little thing: plan ahead, because as yourself, many others had exactly the same idea! So sometimes we are not able to serve the last minute calls!

Please call us to inquire about all the different massage therapies we can offer you! We are certain you’ll love too many of them!

Sitges gay weekend plan something that boosts your intimate life!

Sitges gay weekend

Sitges gay weekend is a suggestion everybody will appreciate! Because Sitges is worth it, even if it is just a short getaway!

You first need to know Sitges is conveniently close to the Barcelona Airport. So the transportation is avoiding the usual traffic jams of Barcelona.

This means you’ll be in Sitges in about 15 minutes. Doesn’t it sound tempting?

Then you’ll sure evaluate some other benefits.

Why Sitges gay weekend

There are many more reasons to spend a nice weekend in Sitges. Besides enjoying a quite busy nightlife, from Spring to Fall.

  • Nightlife and socialising
  • Wonderful beaches
  • Nudism
  • Gay community
  • Quality shopping
  • Nice accommodations
  • Wine tourism
  • Gastronomy
  • Peace and silence
  • Museums and culture life

Most of the hotels are upgrading their quality in many aspects. Since Sitges is one of the most expensive real estate locations in Spain. With this we mean that the somewhat ancient hotels are doing much better from service to decoration.

The reason for this quality increment is because Sitges is attracting a new and wealthy clientele. In our opinion good taste and exclusive ambiance is what a premium destination should offer for all visitors.

Short getaway for gay men

Barcelona is the geographical center of many two hours flights. Cities as London, Rome, Lisboa and Berlin are inside this area. Also Copenhagen, Dublin, Edinburgh, Warsaw, Marseille, Verona, Munic, Düsseldorf, Köln and Prague are in this circle.

As some of our clients tell us, they arrive faster in SItges than using a car to some of their local getaways.

An additional advantage is the fact that Sitges is also one of the main gay destinations on the Mediterranean!

Fortunately, Sitges is also busy during the coldest months in the year. Of course less busy than in Summer. Though its own locals still give the small village some colourful street life!

Weekend massage

Sometimes massage deserves the last thought when planning a weekend.

The good news is that in Sitges you can count on the most reliable masseurs. Fortunately we are available the whole year. So not just in Summer, because we are also serving the local clientele.

If you need some additional information please feel free to contact us. We will provide you with the updated catalog of masseurs.

Of course you’ll be able to choose among many different profiles! Since age, body and talent do matter for most of our future friends!

Contact us to request the available masseurs catalogue!