Sitges Cinema Festival: from terror to the best massage for gay men!

Sitges Cinema Festival is not quite the full name, but:

Sitges International Fantastic Cinema Festival of Catalonia. This year the event is planned from October 8th to 18th. So 10 days packed with amazing movies!

Sitges Cinema Festival

This year the Festival reaches its 53-th birthday!

Honestly, I have always felt this festival as an extremely relevant event in my life since I was a small kid.

First, during September, Sitges always received the amazing Bear Week. I still have many fond memories about all these times along the years.

A few weeks later suddenly Sitges was packed again with a huge new crowd. Really motley and different from all the bears, but equally interesting!

That was the Festival de Cinema Fantàstic de Sitges, as its Catalan name used to be.If you want to know much more in detail, please feel free to check 53 Festival Internacional De Cinema Fantàstic de Catalunya.

Before Sitges Cinema Festival

I am absolutely aware that each visitor has his own agenda during these days. Sometimes though a bunch of visitors call me to ask what are the most interesting spots to visit during the hours with no movies.

Of course I have my own and personal selection of places!

And there are many other styles of interesting activities in Sitges and the surrounding area!

Just contact me and let me know what your interests are!

After the movies

Every night after the last movie, it’s the right time to unwind from the fantasies, the terror or the awkward scene you might have seen.

Many men think it’s the best momento to indulge into a really nice massage.

That’s also a moment I can be very useful to suggest a nice therapy or the best masseurs in Sitges following your preferences!

Though let me warn you about one little thing: plan ahead, because as yourself, many others had exactly the same idea! So sometimes we are not able to serve the last minute calls!

Please call us to inquire about all the different massage therapies we can offer you! We are certain you’ll love too many of them!