Sitges gay weekend plan something that boosts your intimate life!

Sitges gay weekend

Sitges gay weekend is a suggestion everybody will appreciate! Because Sitges is worth it, even if it is just a short getaway!

You first need to know Sitges is conveniently close to the Barcelona Airport. So the transportation is avoiding the usual traffic jams of Barcelona.

This means you’ll be in Sitges in about 15 minutes. Doesn’t it sound tempting?

Then you’ll sure evaluate some other benefits.

Why Sitges gay weekend

There are many more reasons to spend a nice weekend in Sitges. Besides enjoying a quite busy nightlife, from Spring to Fall.

  • Nightlife and socialising
  • Wonderful beaches
  • Nudism
  • Gay community
  • Quality shopping
  • Nice accommodations
  • Wine tourism
  • Gastronomy
  • Peace and silence
  • Museums and culture life

Most of the hotels are upgrading their quality in many aspects. Since Sitges is one of the most expensive real estate locations in Spain. With this we mean that the somewhat ancient hotels are doing much better from service to decoration.

The reason for this quality increment is because Sitges is attracting a new and wealthy clientele. In our opinion good taste and exclusive ambiance is what a premium destination should offer for all visitors.

Short getaway for gay men

Barcelona is the geographical center of many two hours flights. Cities as London, Rome, Lisboa and Berlin are inside this area. Also Copenhagen, Dublin, Edinburgh, Warsaw, Marseille, Verona, Munic, Düsseldorf, Köln and Prague are in this circle.

As some of our clients tell us, they arrive faster in Sitges than using a car to some of their local getaways.

An additional advantage is the fact that Sitges is also one of the main gay destinations on the Mediterranean!

Fortunately, Sitges is also busy during the coldest months in the year. Of course less busy than in Summer. Though its own locals still give the small village some colourful street life!

Fortunately we are offering our services throughout the whole year. Since 2010! We are proud to offer and deliver the best Sitges gay massage. Are you going to miss this?

Weekend massage

Sometimes massage deserves the last thought when planning a weekend.

The good news is that in Sitges you can count on the most reliable masseurs. Fortunately we are available the whole year. So not just in Summer, because we are also serving the local clientele.

If you need some additional information please feel free to contact us. We will provide you with the updated catalog of masseurs.

Of course you’ll be able to choose among many different profiles! Since age, body and talent do matter for most of our future friends!

Contact us to request the available masseurs catalogue!