Easter in Sitges unfolds new colourful variety of events and meetings

Easter in Sitges is a big highlight among this little village’s traditions!

Together with some other religious events, Easter starts gathering the first huge crowds of the season.

Sitges’ colourful celebration of Easter is an amazing chance to introduce you to this picturesque gay village.

Even though this year there will be some restriction, Sitges will be open for all sorts of visitors, especially the gay community.

Please make sure to check the best hotels are open!

Easter in Sitges

I won’t write a spoiler here, because living it up by yourself is part of the amazement. Let’s just say that the whole village fully engages in processions and decorating this tiny and cute village.

Usually this week enjoys some really nice weather. Sunny blue skies, a wonderful turkish green sea, and a soft breeze, especially during the afternoon.

It’s super nice to have a walk around the Church, a true icon of Sitges. The white houses with red flowers hanging down the windows build a romantic atmosphere. No traffic, no cars inside the old streets. You can also visit Cau Ferrat, Rossinyol’s home, painting studio and now an interesting museum. Its location, its interior, and the view from each of its windows… everything is amazing here!

Not to mention the wonderful time you can have just sitting in on of those terraces having a drink. And watching people and life go by.

Gay Easter in Sitges

Especially the “Sin street” is packed with terraces filled with gay men having a drink while watching the crowd. See and be seen, both as a ritual for meeting new friends.

It’s the “Carrer del Primer de Maig”.

Many gay men from Barcelona are visiting Sitges these days. Because Sitges is just a 45 minute ride from Barcelona. So gay men from Barcelona and other cities around take the day off to enjoy a nice lunch, a walk during the evening, and maybe some ice-cream before getting back home.

Gay nightlife is also very special in Sitges. Despite Easter, all the places are open until very late.

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Other suggestions

Many gay men call me to ask for ideas. Of course I can’t suggest specific business places because that means not helping all the others.

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This way you’ll have the perfect holidays in this amazing place!

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