Sitges gay bears are the big reward in the shape of gay massage

Sitges gay bears

Sitges gay bears is a very requested search term these days! Because Sitges is hosting the annual event where all sorts of bears and admirers are gathering in this wonderful fishermen village!

As you know, the Bear Week Sitges is taking place from September 3 to 12. Almost 10 days with time enough for many an exciting event!

We don’t need to brag about Sitges here again though! Most of the visitors know what this coast city near to Barcelona is all about. So cozy, welcoming, cute and small! Best of all is you feel at home with your family!

We also don’t need to know what a gay bear is. You bet we all know by now.

Let’s get back to the pint. Let’s talk massage without losing the focus on Bear men!

Our gay massage team is much bigger than bears though. If you prefer other physical profiles please contact us and ask for the full catalog of our massage team!

Sitges gay massage

As you will experience, our massage style is a very interesting one!

We can’t go deep into details here because we already described our different services on our other website. And we don’t want to be redundant!

Please have in mind that most of our masseurs are available by planning ahead of time. So contact us for updated information and also for many other new masseurs!

Some new masseurs are constantly joining our team by advertising on our sister website.

Bear masseurs

If you like bears, why don’t you have a bear to give you the massage you need? This way you will accomplish most of your pleasing wishes in just one session!

Same as straight men prefer female masseuses, gay men have a say when it comes to body preferences. Not just body though, also other features only bears have —at least, Manel and Paco!

  • Tall (more then 6 feet)
  • Strong (see the picture)
  • Hairy
  • Tattooed (Manel)
  • Bearded
  • Masculine
  • Self confident
  • Professional masseurs

You are also certain about this: not any random guy can do the bodywork you desire. Since it’s your choice, we guess you need as much information as possible! Only this will you are able take the right decision!

Find the best Sitges gay bears

Now you know we are here and available, let’s talk about appointments!

We want to stress the fact that last minute requests are not always working. Think there’s always somebody who called a few minutes before!

Manel and Paco are always very requested, not just during bear gatherings. Also the rest of the year!

We do have our own gay massage studio, though it is placed in the city center of Barcelona. This is why in Sitges we can only offer out-call massage to hotels or apartments.

Of course you’ll be able to have all the privacy you need.

So please contact us to request detailed information!

You can also use the phone to talk to us directly!